Picnic Offers from Tilgate Bakery

If you're off out with the family to a local park or a day out of town, save time, save hassle and save money by picking up one of our picnic offers. Just drop in to Tilgate Bakery and choose yourself or call 01293 525784 to order.
Adults Meal Deal
Pick either:
A Sandwich, Bagel, Salad Pot,
Roll or Half Baguette
Then treat yourself to
A Bag of Crisps
Plus a Piece of Fruit
with a delicious Cookie and 
a refeshing Cold Drink
All yours for just £4.80
Kids Meal Deal
Pick either:
Two Triangle Sandwiches
or our freshly baked Sausage Roll
Then enjoy
A Bag of Crisps
Plus a Piece of Fruit
Plus an irresistable Cookie
And a Cold Drink (up to £1)
All yours for just £2.80